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The Scarecrow


There once was a scarecrow who stood very tall and proud.  His look was ferocious and he could scare any crowd.

I always saw him standing in a field that I passed by.  One day I plucked up the courage to approach him to say hi.

I slowly walked towards him, trying to ignore my fears - but as I drew closer to him I saw that in fact, he was in tears.

I asked the scarecrow why he cried and why he was so sad.  He said to judge someone by the way they looked was very, very bad.

He explained to me his love of the birds as they were the only ones who came near.  That through his cruel fate he scared away those he held most dear.

I offered to change his appearance and give him a new face.  He said to hide one's true identity was a total and utter disgrace.

Feeling unable to help him I said farewell and walked away.  I told him I'd return soon and that for him I'd pray.

That night there was an almighty storm of thunder, rain and lightening.  I imagined the scarecrow outside, alone in it, oh! how terrifying and frightening!

The next day to the field I ran, worried about what I would find.  So it was with much surprise to see that to the scarecrow - nature had been kind.

The storm had blown away the scary features of his face, and his mass of straw hair had become for the birds the only truly safe place.

Much time has passed now since this funny little story.  The scarecrow continues to flourish and blossom and birds love him like a tree.

I learnt an important lesson from my friend the scarecrow that I now know to be true; never judge a book by it's cover, for one day, the book being judged may just be ...


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