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If  The  World  Is  A  Stage

If the world is a stage then are we just clowns?  If we wore a red nose for the day - would we not find it funny when we continue to bare frowns?

If the world is a stage then are we just clowns?  Maybe our egos are just altered characters to add colour as we state our various opinions of what we believe to be up or to be down.

If the world were a stage and we were just her clowns how would we explain all the pain and the terrible violence in our cities and in our towns?

If the world is a stage and we are her clowns can someone tell me if we are still reading from the same script? Because I find it hard to believe when I look at the confusion and apparent madness around.

If the world is a stage, as the Masters say, and we are merely the actors, the players and the clowns, then please tell me world, who decided that the theme should be that of misery and scarcity where so many human atrocities abound?

If the world is a stage then we must all just be clowns ... yet the more I partake in this true life drama and stage play - the less I understand what it is we are wishing to teach the children, (our audience), and what exactly is it that we are trying to portray?

If the world is a stage and we are the clowns then I wonder, does anyone know who is directing this show?  Or have we become so enwrapped in our acts that in fact, there is no one left who really knows?

Secretly, I have always believed that the world is a stage and indeed we are her beautiful, gentle artistes and clowns; yet when I dare to pick up the Daily 'Script' and see the salacious attacks and malicious abuse; I have to conclude that the world values not the artiste today ... so their work seems rather pointless and no longer of any use.

If the world really was a stage and we were the actors, the players and the clowns ... and we all wore a nose for the day and kept all that we said and did exactly the same way;  then I am sure it would be quite right to say that only the children would appear to have stayed with the Original Play.

Maybe we just forgot that we are no more than clowns playing roles in this game called Life; hence we all became our own authors and self important play-writes and by doing so have managed to create - for the most part - mass anarchy, chaos and universal strife.

And of course, if the world were a stage for a day and everyone really was a clown ... maybe they would not be so scared of me when I painted my face and - with script in hand - looked for the children to entertain in their town!

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