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The Cosmic Fantasy

Eyes, faces, motions, paces ... who are they staring at?  Is it I or is it me?

I continue my jerky graces - so conscious of the audience I cannot be free.

Silent gestures and secret whispers - who is it we are pretending to be?

Sideways glances behind painted faces - is this what they call Society?

Terror is rising through me heart - my hands are trembling uncontrollably.

Smiling, laughing, playing the part whilst trying to hide my feelings of insanity.

Flashing lights and deafening sirens, is this true?  Can this really be?

I feel the trees and the sky above, aware of their wisdom, stillness and majesty.

Eyes, faces, motions, paces, who are they staring at?  Not I.  Not me.

I continue my jerky graces whilst knowing the truth of the Cosmic Fantasy.

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