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About Ingo the Clown.

Gillian Black aka Ingo the Clown was born in Zimbabwe.  For no apparent reason, Gillian developed a profound passion for clowns and the art of clowning from a very young age.


After many years of drawing, collecting, writing about and dreaming of clowns, Gillian finally decided to take up a career in clowning and the performance arts.


Due to living in an isolated area in the African suburbs, Gillian was completely self-taught when she began her clown career almost 20 years ago in the way of entertaining children at birthday parties.


Before Gillian took up clowning and the performig arts full time, she worked as a Public Relations Officer in a Safari Lodge in Hwange, Zimbabwe, called "Touch the Wild".  Whilst there she became very well liked by some of the local Ndebele people whom consequently gave Gillian the nick name of "Ngwando".


When Gillian asked the meaning of the name she was told it was the name for "... a strong woman, whom - no matter how many times she may be pushed down - keeps getting back up, and each time she does so, she is stronger."


When Gillian left the Safari Camp in Zimbabwe to train in Theatre and Circus Schools in Paris, France; she decided to adapt her native name of "Ngwando", (shortened to Ingo), to the white face clown character that she developed soon after moving there. 


Gillian has continued with her performance art career and is now an all round entertainer with a multitude of different performances and alter-egos; hence is able to cater both for the children's entertainment industry, right across the spectrum to alternative cabaret for the underground sector and adult only audiences. 


Although Gillian prefers to perform as Ingo the Clown for predominantly under-privaledged children today, however she remains flexible in this regard.

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